July 24, 2011

Haul? and Stash

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  Do I sound like I mean that?  Good!  lol  I'm not a fan of Sunday.  I don't know why, it's not like I work Mon-Fri every week or anything... I guess it's just because it's boooooooring.  Hopefully  you all have plans though!  Now, I have some bad news.  Most of you probably won't care... BUT if there is anyone who really likes my haul posts.... I don't have one today.  I'm expecting packages and none of them came this week, so I'll have an overload next week!  Two fall collections and some other goodies :)  For today, I have my stash!  Let's take a look!

Here is it.  It isn't much, but for a fledgling blogger, it's plenty!  Not only that, but I am acquiring new bottles at an alarming pace!

I keep my polishes (for now) in one of those roll-away towers.  The bottom two drawers are for polishes, the top two are for cosmetics.  I'm going to have to change that soon, because you can see the overflow I have in that small container.  They aren't really organized by color or anything yet, but each brand is together.  Like, I don't have China Glaze in two separate containers.  I might have to soon though!  I'm thinking of going to Micheal's to see if I can find a Melmer, or ordering a Helmer... Which is cheaper/better?  I have no clue, but I better figure it out soon!  Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little peek into my madness and you'll forgive me for not shopping this week?  lol  Have a great day/week!  Thanks for looking! 

OH!  Did you see my new signature?  That's MY handwriting!  I LOVE the Mac Os update!  You can take a picture of your signature in Preview now to sign documents with.  It's amazing :)  If you have a Mac... UPDATE NOW!  You won't regret it!  Thanks again everyone! 
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  1. Nice Stash... You are just like me. I am constantly ordering new polishes. It is insane..... I love my mac too!

  2. I'm saving up for the new colors coming out on 8/1! I keep my stash in a bookcase so far. I like to see what I have! Love your blog!

  3. Nice stash! Thanks for the info on the mac update! Love the signature addition!

  4. I need to update my mac! That's soo cool!
    Great stash!

  5. Nice stash, I keep my babies in the same kind of plastic furniture ... Next year I'll move, perhaps I'll change for a Helmer but right now it's perfect.
    I use one drawer per color family, but I put some together in the sale drawer (like blue and green, purple and pink ...). I just keep them separated ^^

  6. I love seeing stash posts! How many nail polishes do you have in that awesome collection of yours?


    P.S. For me, I hate Sundays because it'll be Monday soon. :(

  7. Wow the signature thing is amazing, really nice personal touch:) Great stash you have going there! I'm at the moment contemplating how to store my polishes.

  8. oh i love sundays! only becaue it is shopping day for me. unfortunately, i did not get any new polish today. as u may have noticed i am more into painting nowadays so it saves me tons of money from not buying [too much] polish and polish remover.


  9. Melmer's over Helmers because M. are a lot more study. They have a really good liner bed in each drawer that prevents all slipping of your bottles. Melmer's look (I think) a bit nicer). Not a bad stash for a younger person. I used to feel embarrassed at the size of mine - used to hide it from everyone less they think I am excessive or nuts! Then I discovered I was not alone - not a horder of polish...there are billions of us. And thanks to blogs I feel totally normal in my love of polish and I admire my collection big time. I am older than any bloggers I know. Thus, I have years advantage on a lot of you in that I have polish I did not part with from the late 80's even!!! I used to toss all of 'em as I thought I would never wear this or that again, was moving, had acrylics and did not need many. Since those days, I only have dumped my bottles that went totally dry, or were just bad. I also tossed all my lower end polishes but for one L'Oreal I adore the shade of. I am finally doing a spreadsheet of all of 'em (I think it will peak at about 1400 - not sure yet). Storage is always going to be a problem however. But start early on doing your inventory system so you can find your darlins' and know how many back up bottles of a fav you might have so you can cut off the looking at a decent time. My long time nail lover advice to newer to the love.

  10. What's coming this week in the mail? What brand's fall collections? I cannot wait - plus I am noise! Not that many out yet to order, my fav of ones out are Sparitual fall and Zoya fall


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