July 02, 2011

FOTM: First July post :) Mystery Sinful Colors

Hey everyone!  Happy July!  Today I have the first finish of the month post for July.  Can you guess which finish won?  Glass flecks!  Okay.  I'm lame.  On to the polish!

The first polish this month is a gorgeous magentaish polish with blue and pink shimmer.  The pictures I took show it a little more pink than it is, it's actually a little more berry colored.  This is three coats.

Outside, flash
Pointer finger most accurate
Inside, flash
I had a lot of trouble getting a good picture, but I guess these will do.  You can see all the pretty glass in it :)  I could tell you the name of this polish, but it made it to my house without a name sticker.  Sorry!  

That's all for this short little post.  Will be putting up a new poll for next month in the next day or two.  Thanks for looking!

Listening to: Hurry Up and Choose - MoZella
Belle Isle, 2010


  1. Very pretty. I've never used Sinful Colors before, but I like this one. Very bright and cheery! :)

  2. cute mani :D
    love your blog and added to my blog roll hope you do the same :)

  3. I LOOOOVE PINK!! and the colors like that! how they have like a two tone! love it! and you laptop keyboard:) ya i saw it;)

  4. This color looks really beautiful :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. @LizIsPink The cover for my keyboard was less than $2 on Amazon, no shipping! I only saw them for Macs, but I wasn't looking for PC... You should see if you can find one!

  6. @Emily
    They are for sure worth checking out. They have a great formula and are CHEAP! I'm not sure how they wear since I never wear for more than two days anyway, but application and everything is amazing!

  7. @Belle I'll for sure check you out soon :) I've been distracted by the Casey Anthony trial and haven't really been looking at new blogs, but I'll try to get yours pulled up! Thank you!

  8. @Christine Iversen It is an amazing color. I just wish I knew what it was called! :)

  9. Happy July!!! That's such a pretty colour you chose for this post :D


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