July 13, 2011

Another Pink Wednesday :)

Hi everyone.  Another Wednesday is here.  Another day has passed without my Birchbox.  I'm so mad at USPS right now!  

Also, I noticed a few of you thought I meant that yesterday's polish stains... when I really meant that it SHOWS stains...  If I worded that a little iffy, I'm sorry!  Definitely DO NOT pass up that polish because of that if you were thinking of getting it! 

This week I am wearing Orly Flirty from the Fall 2011 Happy Go Lucky collection.  I couldn't WAIT to wear this polish!  It's gorgeous.  Here are a few pictures:

Please excuse the sloppiness.  The polish annoyed the crap out of me! 

Looks gorgeous doesn't it?  It's a bright pink with silver shimmer running through it.  It's anything but a boring color.  Which is why I'm so sad about it's formula.  I don't want anyone to discount this polish without trying it.  I really don't.  I will add some thinner and see if that helps.  The application on this polish was AWFUL.  It was thick, it dried way too fast and it was...weird.  I'm sure you have all had that issue with crack around the neck of the bottle?  How it gets all gloopy and thick up at the top?  This did that.  By the time I got the brush to my nail it was almost dried already so I had to use huge drops of polish.  Ick.  It's finish was also strange.  This polish reminds me of their plastix collection.  It dried with that same finish.  

I left two pictures hoping you could see the pits on my thumb.  It didn't bubble, but it looked like I gouged little pieces of it.  Again, weirdest thing ever.  So, I would love to try this again.  I hope it works because it is SO pretty!  Have any of you had problems with it?  Let me know what you did to fix it!  

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Thanks for looking everyone!

Listening to: Secret - The Pierces
Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, 2007


  1. I hate that the formula was bad, because the color is absolutely gorgeous! I really want the whole collection!

  2. Such a pretty pink! I know how you feel about the parcel...I'm waiting for some to arrive at the moment. Everyday you get your hopes up...then it never comes :( Maybe today though!


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