July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Hi everyone!  Here in the US it is Independence Day!  (NOT July 4th as most people say, we celebrate the event, not the day!)  I finally decided what I was going to do for my nails this year.  I actually went back and forth about my design for quite awhile.  I finally ended up doing classic camo and white with red/blue shatter on my accent finger and thumb.  I wanted to use the camo design that is currently in use, but I didn't have enough tan like colors.  

I don't have any plans for today, but I bet the rest of you in the US do, so I'll keep this short.  Here are pictures of both hands.  Enjoy!

Pinky, middle, pointer finger
Base: ChG FYI
Zoya Ivanka
ChG Unplugged
Art Deco nail art in black

Accent fingers
Base: Pure Ice Super Star
Opi Blue Shatter
Opi Red Shatter

I freehanded the camo design.  NBD! HA I like the camo on my left hand better, but the "flags" on my right hand.  What do you think?  Thanks for looking everyone! Have an amazing day! 

Listening to: Independence Day - Martina McBride
The Way That I Am, 1993
(Let the whole world know that today 
Is a day of a reckoning 
Let the weak be strong 
Let the right be wrong 
Roll the stone away 
Let the guilty pay 
It's Independence Day)


  1. Happy Independence Day to you too!!!

  2. I've never thought of doing camo nails before! What a great day to do them! Love them!

  3. Great idea on the camo design! Hmm... You've inspired me! :)


  4. such a good idea on using the crackle.

  5. Super cute! By the way, I am your new follower!

  6. @Victoria I thought the same thing!

    @SwatchAndLearn I'm sure your's will be better! I'll keep my eye out!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Thank you! I love your name... How creative!

  7. Really love the army nails. So innovative!

  8. I love the red white and blue crackle nails! Very different than any other 4th of July nails I have seen.


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