September 28, 2011

Pink Wednesday! It's Been Awhile!

Hi all!  I have another franken for my return to Pink Wednesdays! :)   Awhile back, Kristin (aka Manicured Monkey) sent me a bunch of polishes to franken with.  I was playing around with a few of what I thought were the extras, and this is what I came up with!  Enjoy!

I love that bottle shot :) It shows everything the best.  There are actually a few bigger pieces of glitter, and for some reason I couldn't get them to show up on the nail.  I have a name for this one, but I don't remember what it is (I'm lame.  Yes, I know), so when I find it maybe I'll update!  
Anyway, that's all I have for today, super short!  Leave me some questions, fun comments, anything so I'll have stuff to answer!  Thanks for looking!