July 24, 2014

Lacquer Lust Opal

Nothing To Disclose

Morning, lovelies!  Sometime in the past month, I showed you the Lacquer Lust Pink Tourmaline that I HAD to have because it's my birthstone.  I wasn't happy with it.  Well, I'm happy with the polish, but not the birthstone part.  I've always secretly kind of shunned the tourmaline.  Awful.  I know.  But, why wouldn't I when I also get to claim the amazing opal?  I even cringe when I see people wearing it that weren't born in October.  I am seriously superstitious about my gems... and how dare they risk cracking such a beautiful stone?  Of course, now opals are mostly synthetic so they won't crack, but I still can't get it out of my head.  So I absolutely had to have the Opal polish.

Getting my hands on this was a little tricky.  I could never find it in stock, and most people selling it wanted way more than retail for it.  Which, honestly, annoys me.  This is a core polish, why charge MORE for it?  It'll just be back in stock later!  Finally, I found someone who was selling their bottle for retail so I grabbed it!

Behold!  Lacquer Lust Opal:

How gorgeous?  I am in total awe of this polish.  It looks exactly how you would expect it!  And, yes, that is a broken bottle cap.  Luckily, it still seals the bottle so it's all good... for now.

So, what do you guys think of this polish?  If you have any layering suggestions, let me know!  Thanks for looking!



  1. Gorgeous color!!! I'll try not to wear opal as I was born in December ;) hihi :))

    1. HAHA Do you think that's why the cap broke? The person I bought it from wasn't an October baby??? LOL Thank you! :)

  2. The effect is lovely! Really opalescent :)
    I don't get the birth stone thing... that was just a marketing invention! by an ingenious New York jeweller to sell garnets and peridots and all those strange stones nobody really wants, hahah

    1. I love them all! If it's shiny, I'm into it. :)

  3. pretty nails, amazing gitter :)

    Kisses from Poland! :)

  4. Your nails look lovely!
    You’re so talented, I’m looking forward to discover your next nail art creation <3

    Xx julia


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