July 23, 2014

Mentality Nail Polish Ruffian and Proper Stamping

Nothing To Disclose

Hi, lovelies!  Monday I got a mystery prize package in the mail.  In it were four Mentalities.  I received Ruffian, Proper, Vicious, Glow and Fast Dry topcoat.  When I saw Ruffian and Proper next to each other on the swatch wheel, I had to use them together!  Below is Ruffian stamped with Proper.
 Ruffian is a super rich royal blue satin.  It dries matte with the tiniest bit of shimmer.  It is stunning!
Proper is a bronze shimmer, that I think may have some holo in it.  It looks like there may be some scattered rainbows in there, but the sky has been nasty, so indoors I can't tell.  It is super pretty, though!

I think these polishes look amazing together, and Proper stamps super well (ignore the middle finger, I didn't re-paint the stamp image before I picked it up).  I will probably be using them both again, soon!

You can buy Mentality polishes at their new website now!


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