July 25, 2014

Colors By Llarowe Oops! and Days of Our Polish

Nothing To Disclose

Morning, lovelies!  Last week I won a giveaway, and I was sent two awesome Colors By Llarowe polishes!  The prize was donated by Traci over at Newsie Nail Novice.   I was actually sent two discontinued polishes, Runt and Days of Our Polish.  I swatched Runt on one nail and decided it isn't me, and swapped it for this gorgeous Oops!  I believe the one I have is "Addicts Attack" but I'm not 100% sure.

I'm going to leave you with very few words, and lots of pictures.  Both of these were awesome!  Very good first impression.  Both two coats.  Both linear holo.  While not super in your face, it is still stronger than my photos!

 Oops!  Red based purple linear holo.  Pictures taken in a lightbox.

Days of Our Polish.  Teal linear holo.  Pictures taken in lightbox.

You can grab your own CBL polishes at llarowe.com for $12!

Which ones do I NEED to pick up?  Let me know!  Have a great weekend, everyone!  <3 p="">


July 24, 2014

Lacquer Lust Opal

Nothing To Disclose

Morning, lovelies!  Sometime in the past month, I showed you the Lacquer Lust Pink Tourmaline that I HAD to have because it's my birthstone.  I wasn't happy with it.  Well, I'm happy with the polish, but not the birthstone part.  I've always secretly kind of shunned the tourmaline.  Awful.  I know.  But, why wouldn't I when I also get to claim the amazing opal?  I even cringe when I see people wearing it that weren't born in October.  I am seriously superstitious about my gems... and how dare they risk cracking such a beautiful stone?  Of course, now opals are mostly synthetic so they won't crack, but I still can't get it out of my head.  So I absolutely had to have the Opal polish.

Getting my hands on this was a little tricky.  I could never find it in stock, and most people selling it wanted way more than retail for it.  Which, honestly, annoys me.  This is a core polish, why charge MORE for it?  It'll just be back in stock later!  Finally, I found someone who was selling their bottle for retail so I grabbed it!

Behold!  Lacquer Lust Opal:

How gorgeous?  I am in total awe of this polish.  It looks exactly how you would expect it!  And, yes, that is a broken bottle cap.  Luckily, it still seals the bottle so it's all good... for now.

So, what do you guys think of this polish?  If you have any layering suggestions, let me know!  Thanks for looking!


July 23, 2014

Mentality Nail Polish Ruffian and Proper Stamping

Nothing To Disclose

Hi, lovelies!  Monday I got a mystery prize package in the mail.  In it were four Mentalities.  I received Ruffian, Proper, Vicious, Glow and Fast Dry topcoat.  When I saw Ruffian and Proper next to each other on the swatch wheel, I had to use them together!  Below is Ruffian stamped with Proper.
 Ruffian is a super rich royal blue satin.  It dries matte with the tiniest bit of shimmer.  It is stunning!
Proper is a bronze shimmer, that I think may have some holo in it.  It looks like there may be some scattered rainbows in there, but the sky has been nasty, so indoors I can't tell.  It is super pretty, though!

I think these polishes look amazing together, and Proper stamps super well (ignore the middle finger, I didn't re-paint the stamp image before I picked it up).  I will probably be using them both again, soon!

You can buy Mentality polishes at their new website now!

July 22, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape - Swatches and Review!

 Press Sample

Good morning, lovelies!  I got these a little late, so I meant to get this posted yesterday, but since there were some shitty things going on in the blogging world, I totally skipped being responsible and joined in on Marathon Monday.  I didn't drink sun-up to sun-up (really?  Who is awake to do that?), but I enjoyed a large glass of mojitos.  Inspired, of course, by getting a reply tweet from possibly the most gorgeous (but married.  Boo), man on the planet.

The polishes I was sent of the Mixtape Collection by Rainbow Honey were Control, Fall in Love, and Elevate.  I love that these were inspired by those summer songs you just had to make a tape of to have with you all the time!  Speaking of, do you guys remember sitting at the radio with your hand on the play/record buttons waiting for your favorite song?  I do!  So glad that time in history is done with!  So, let's see some polish!!!!!!

in lightbox
natural lighting 
lightbox macro 

Control is a neon pink with blue and gold glass flecks.  I just absolutely love this polish!  You may be a tad confused by the pictures, though.  This polish does change quite a bit with different lighting, which could possibly be attributed to the gold it contains. I won't say it's duo chrome or anything like that, but in artificial lighting it can take on the orange tinge that can be associated with neon pink pigments.  That aside, I still love this polish.  I used three coats here to even it out.  The formula was a little thick, and I added some thinner for future applications.  

Fall In Love is a little deceiving.  The description calls it a crimson with blue glass flecks.  I call it pink.  Fuchsia.  Something that isn't crimson!  It definitely does lean red, but I feel like it is for sure still a pink.  The formula on this is described as a jelly, but I'm going to call it a crelly.  It has a squishy texture that I adore, but it is a little too pigmented for pond/sandwich/syrup manis.  

 over Control
over Fall in Love

Finally is Elevate.  This is such a fun glitter!  It contains pink circles and hexes; blue, white and orange hexes; green and yellow circles; and white TRIANGLES!  This is the first topper I've seen with triangles in it, though there are many more popping up!  I love all the shapes that are coming out!  This also has a blue shimmer in it.  This applied like a chunky glitter, I had to dab it on.  However, I got a good variety of shapes without having to dig too much.  

As usual, I am very impressed with the offerings I was sent!  I'm really hoping I can check out the rest of the collection!  

Until 8/31/14 use the code MIXTAPE20 for 20% off your order at rainbowhoney.com!

For all other information, Rainbow Honey can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Don't forget to tell me what you think below, thanks for reading!

 *polishes sent for review.  full details can be found on the disclaimer page of this blog