July 08, 2011

Purple for Caylee (a day late)

Hi everyone :)  I was planning on saying a lot in this post, about a lot of things... but it's so late I'm just not up to it.  It's been a very up and down day for me.  I've seen a blogger badmouthing readers and one of the companies that sponsors her, I've gotten a job, an old friend's mom died... It's been a long day.  So I might not say much.  Sorry.  

Today (Thursday. If you didn't know already, I write my posts the day/night before) I saw that a couple of bloggers on my list were doing "Purple Nails for Caylee Anthony."  It was a facebook event between nail bloggers?  I don't know.  I don't use facebook much, but I thought it was a great idea.  My heart has been breaking for little Caylee since day one.  I got very emotionally involved in the case and I think the outpouring of love this country has shown this little girl says a lot about the US as a society.  I even already had my nails done when I found out about it.  How strange :) 

Started out with ChG Secret Periwinkle.  It was an okay formula.  A lot like other pastels, streaky but evens out well.  You can still see a few patches, but I was covering this color so I didn't worry about it.

Next, I added one coat of Servin Up Sparkle.  I LOVE this glitter.  It is a lot less gooey than it's pink counterpart (Teenage Dream) and applied perfectly.  I love everything about this glitter.  If I order Your Royal Shiness, it may be just so I can get another bottle of this.  LOVE.

Finally, I added what I was so excited to show you today.  I guess it will wait until Monday since this event came up.  I frankened a holo top coat!  YAY!  I love it.  I almost didn't want to do it because my OMG holos are running a little low....  One of these days I'm going to suck it up and order that shit on ebay.  I love frankening with them, but I love wearing them plain too!  No more of either until I get extras.  I didn't have any sun today, so the holo is kind of weak, but I'll show you a wheel of it over different colors next week.  

This one is a little better.  IRL you can see the glitter really well underneath.  Perfect jelly sandwich.  :)  

Anyway, that's what I have for today.  Going to start work and see how it goes..... Since it's for a friend's business :S I got so lucky there!  Wish me luck, and thanks for looking! 

Listening to: Underwater - Index Case
Augustagein, 2010


  1. First congrats on the job :) Happy to hear those news... This mani came out super cute and for such a great cause!

  2. Love the nails! Congrats on your new job! Good luck on your first day! :)

  3. Congratulations on your job! That holo top coat looks great. I missed whatever that blog drama was, just as well.

  4. I love the purple color! And i'm so disappointed that I still have yet to find ANY holo colors at all. I hope to find at least one SOON! Anyways-love the nails, and good luck at your new job!

  5. Congrats on the new job! I wasn't aware of the purple for Caylee event but what a great idea...the whole case has been so heartbreaking. Ugh. Anyways, love the purple, the glitter, and (especially!) the holo top coat!! Awesome!

  6. Oh my sounds like you have a lot on your plate! But that is great news about the job at least! As long as they let you wear colour on your nails lol :P

    Love this purple, really nice soft one. The holo over it is amazing! Would love to have a holo top coat :D

  7. Yay for the new job! AND yay for this nail color!!!! Love the layering!

  8. wow i like it! what kind of Holo do u use?

  9. Thanks everyone! My friend owns a Dish network retail location and they want someone in the office so she can take some time off during the week. YAY for friends! lol

    Liz - I used a little of every holo I have and a ton of clear polish. I'll explain more Monday :)

  10. congrats to your new job!
    job = more nail polish :)

  11. @BelleThanks!

    I know, I'm going to try not to go overboard next weekend when I hit Ulta and Trade Secret! LOL


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