June 04, 2011

Finish of the Month: Holo

Hey everyone!  I've decided that I'm going to do kind of monthly posts themes.  This month I'm doing what it seems like everyone else is doing... HOLOS!  I'm going to be doing just some straight holo NOTD type posts, but most will be comparisons (ie: Tronica vs OMG, ChG vs CC).

So what I have today is one of my favorite OMG polishes and it's Tronica counterpart.  L8R G8R and Laser Lime!   These polishes were both sheer and patchy.  I used three coats of each, no base coat, no top coat.  A base would have helped the patchiness some.  That is the one problem that I have with these polishes.  Otherwise they are SO pretty!
Not much going on inside... But such a pretty green!

You can see a little bit of holo even inside! This is L8R G8R

Do you see the little rainbow bits? SO great outside! 

How gorgeous is this?!

I'm hoping picture quality will improve throughout the summer... I'm really out of practice!  Other than that though, what do you think of these?  I'm not exactly sure I would call the Tronicas holo... but they are SO gorgeous outside!  I'm hoping I can capture the goodness of all of them :)  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am jealous!! I want L8R G8R BAD! Know where I can get some that's not gonna cost me more than my mortgage??


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