June 27, 2011

NOTD and review: Chartreuse Chase

Hello everyone! Today I have a polish from my haul last week.  Initially I was very excited about this polish.  That quickly faded.  So, first I will do my short review of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish in Chartreuse Chase.

When I started applying this polish I instantly started having problems.  First of all: I hate Sally Hansen's brush.  Some people may really like it, but it's too wide for my nail.  I make a mess.  It's horrible.  From there it didn't really get better.  It was hard to apply, streaky, patchy, I had tons of drag and..... bubbles.  Lots and lots of bubbles.  I'm not going to blame the polish yet, I will try again, but you'll see in the pictures how bad the bubbles truly were.  I've never seen them that bad!

There is hardly any surface not covered in bubbles.  Ick

Look at how messy my hands are!  A very small part of that can be credited to me trying to get a thicker third coat so I wouldn't need four, but most is because of the brush.

With ChG Fault Line
I was about ready to take Chartreuse Chase off and put it in my purge pile, but I put Fault Line on top.  It totally saved the life of this mani!  It has convinced me to give this polish a second chance.

Left hand... Can you see the itty bitty spots of Fault Line that stayed on the green?  Funny!
I really like how these two polishes look together.  I'm going to see how long it will stay on.  Maybe soon I'll give the polish another chance on it's own.  It is pretty, I just can't deal with the formula right now.  Do any of you have this?  What do you think?  Any tips about the freaking bubbles would be helpful too.  I didn't shake the polish, the coats weren't overly thick (the bubbles started with two thin coats) and the conditions in my room are the same as always.  I'm stuck.  Anyway, thanks for looking!

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  1. Well dang! I have no idea about the bubbles, but I really love the color. And I like it with Fault Line on the top- it looks great with that green.

  2. love this combo, the purple shatter is just so pretty!

  3. @Toesthattwinkle!@Olivia C.The purple is really what saved it. If I hadn't put that on top the polish would be gone by now!

  4. Seriously great color combo, awesome idea! The weird brushes make me nuts too, it's impossible to keep a perfectly steady hand without screwing it all up (especially around the cuticles).

  5. I love the colour combination you chose!
    - Mary

  6. I had the same problem with my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in Blush Rush! It had me totally frustrated by the time I was finished applying it! It looks gorgeous in the bottle and that's about it! It was thick and goopy when I applied it and took several coats to cover up all the streaking. However I do love the color combo of Chartreuse Chase and Fault Line!

    I'm new at this whole blogging thing-feel free to check out my (very new) blog! Eat.Sleep.Polish.



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