June 15, 2011

NOTD: Scale Covered Coat

Hey everyone!  Today's NOTD is the exact nails I saw on a blog earlier this week (will add credit when I remember where it was!).  Essie Coat Azure topped with Nubar 2010.  She had hers mattified... I can't decide which way I like mine better though!

I don't know what's wrong with my camera lately, but it's getting hard to get good pictures.  I seem to be moving backwards instead of forward with my skill. :(  At least you can see the gorgeous blue and the scalies in 2010.  Oh, and how pretty is that matte accent?  But look at that middle finger!  I woke up today and there was a big chunk missing from my nail.  I have no idea what I did to it!  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cut the rest to match or leave it short, so I haven't shaped it or anything.  Bear with me please!   Anyway, hope you guys like this, I encourage you to try it out.  It is so gorgeous!  Thanks for looking everyone! 


  1. I love making sparkly things matte! It just makes it so much more fun!

  2. Pretty combo! I always cut to match a broken nail--unless the broken one is my thumb, in which case I just let it be shorter than the rest.

  3. Pretty! I love flakies over lighter colors, it makes everything look so ethereal.

  4. @StardustStephanie I think it looks like clouds or something. I can't take my eyes off of them!
    I probably will cut them, I just hate to since they actually seem to be growing this time :(
    @Lacquered Lover
    I only like some sparkly things matte. This is one of them because the flakies keep their awesomeness!

  5. Pretty color! My matte topcoat is one of my favorites thing to do with glitters and shimmers!


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