June 12, 2011

NOTD: Sunday Sundae

Hey everyone!  Quick NOTD post.  This looked way different in my head than it does on the nail.  Once I got it done it looked less like I wanted it to, and more like the colors are melting into each other.  They're pretty neat!

This isn't color accurate.  The polish is more green irl. I have to get my photoshop installed on this new computer :)
For this mani I used Seche Rebuild as a base, two coats Native Bronze that I showed you yesterday, two coats of my nameless franken using tape, and seche vite.  I used a bobby pin to make the dots.  Thanks for looking!


  1. I like that! You're a million times more creative than me! I can never do any sort of nail art... other than dots. :)

  2. @Olivia C.Stick around long enough and you'll realize that all I do is tape and dots lol I'm not even that good at konad!

  3. I like the edginess of this look with the franken 'dripping' down into the bronze. Great job! :)


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