June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday Fail!

Hi everyone.  Short(ish) post today.  The first picture is what I was originally going to wear for Pink Wednesday.  It looked ok, but not great since I free handed the tips and I don't have much practice.  When I went to clean them up after they'd dried, there was no saving them.  The black shrunk SO BAD.  So I took it off.  It was ChG Pool Party, SH Hannah Pinktana and my franken on the tips.

As much as I love Pool Party, look at that mess!  It's so hard to clean off!  Anyone else have problems like that?

Here's what I really wore.  It is two coats of ChG Let's Groove with a coat of ChG Broken Hearted Crackle on top.  Looked cute for a few hours then major tip wear.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but every mani I've done in the past two weeks has just been crap! 

That's all I have today.  I'm going to try to have something awesome (and Hello Kittyish maybe?) for next week.  I'll get the hang of this theme thing someday soon!  

On another note: My toenails are ready for new polish.  I always have trouble deciding what I'm going to put on them because it lasts forever and I don't want to get bored with it.  What do you guys suggest?  

Also, don't forget to vote in my poll!  There are only two days left and I can't have a tie!  I can't make decisions!  LOL

Thanks for looking!  

Listening to: Love Drunk (Acoustic) - Boys Like Girls
Love Drunk, 2009


  1. Woo hoo! for Pool Party! That staining scares me though. I don't remember it staining that bad when I wore it last summer! I like your new mani, but the tip wear sucks! Sometime I go through little phases where every mani seems to get messed up. That's super annoying. Oh, and LOVE the song you're listening to! :)

  2. I can't do frenches at all so kudos to you for trying! As for the tipwear, do you wrap the polish and top coat over the top of your nail? I find that helps me.

    For your toes, I still have Nfu-Oh 64 on my toes since the boyfriend painted them last week, and a holo on the toes is always great! Or else Essie Braziliant is gorgeous on the feet!

  3. Totally sucks your first mani didnt work out.. but good try!! Second one looks pretty good :)
    Mmmmm for toes maybe u should wear something orange... coral... or bright pink since its summer, Im wearing a neon orange for my toes now... but you are right they last so long that you get bored... Hope you make a good choice!!!

  4. Neon toes are fun for summer. (Though my own have SH Summer Plum right now.)

  5. @Lacquered LoverI do wrap. I'm not sure what happens. It seems to be mostly a problem with my crackles and Zoyas.

  6. @Polish AMORI am going to try the first one again. *someday* I'm thinking of a Pool Party polish. The orange one sounds good :)

  7. Haha, we wore the same crackle for this pink wednesday :p
    I have a similar problem, during the two last weeks, any polish I put on my nails got major chips the next morning. That's boring, and I don't know what's happening :(

  8. Well I think both short lived looks look great! Too bad they didnt last. Maybe its time to switch top coats or base coats? Or sometimes, as hard as it is, I feel like my nails are saying take a break....doesnt last long though:P

  9. @Gwenn I saw that! lol I'm going to put it over Flip Flop Fantasy on my toes here in a little bit. I LOVE IT!

    I think my manis are starting to even out a little. I just took of a Sinful polish that I had on for three days without chips or bubbles... I took it off so I could do something else! YAY!

  10. @Audrey LI honestly think it's been the weather. It's been nothing but rain and humidity here! Here's hoping! :)


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