June 26, 2011

Sunday Haul; Purse tag!

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday! Today I don't have much of a haul, so I'm going to add that super fun "what's in my purse" thing I've been tagged for.  It is super pic heavy!  I'll start with my tiny haul! :)

Zoya promo buys: Charla, Crystal, Ivanka

See what I mean about small haul?  This is all I have for the week :)  Technically it could have gone on last weeks, but I got them Saturday and I was getting ready to leave at the ass-crack of dawn Sunday... So they didn't make it.

On to the purse!   I apologize for the background.  It is my mattress.  My sheets are downstairs in the wash!  They'll be all pretty and black next time!  :)

Collective junk :)
Here is all the crap that is in my purse.  I got tagged by Definitely Addicted last week, but I don't usually use a purse, and most of my stuff was in a suitcase so I had to gather it all up.  What you must understand about my purse is that I use it for emergencies.  On a regular basis, I don't take a purse to the grocery store.  This is for going out, weddings, long trips, etc.  (Like those 3D glasses in there?  lol)

B&BW Sleep Aromatherapy Lotion
True Religion perfume
Various Burts Bees

I always have moisturizers (even if I don't use them) in there.  I grabbed a random one because I couldn't find my usual.  Also, yes, I really do carry THREE lip balms with me.  Sometimes more, sometimes EOS instead, but always more than one.

Now, this is the emergency stuff.  Tweezers, eyedrops (Rhoto V are the BEST!), Naked palette, brush, altoids (always always ALWAYS carry mints or gum people!), a hair clip and q-tips.

True Religion
Saint by Kat Von D purse spray
I added this picture too because I always have a perfume in my bag and it's usually one of these two.  I love these scents when I'm out dancing around :)

Mostly for my friend's house.  I'm allergic to her cats! 
Medical supplies!  I have super bad allergies so I need to be prepared for anything.  The pills are painkillers, but I usually have extra allergy meds in there as well.

I need a nude and a slightly edgier lipstick, a smaller eyeshadow palette for when I need a little color, various eyeliners (for different parts of the eye... important!), ALWAYS have an Urban Decay pocket rocket in my purse!  ALWAYS!  It varies which one, other lipgloss.

Various receipts which will now go in the trash :) 
Nook, glasses case

My Nook and I are best friends :) I use it when someone else is driving in the car, at the Drs office, when I stay at other people's houses if they go to bed early... etc.
Miscellaneous other things I may need.  Setting spray for when it's hot out or when I'm in a hot club, eyeliner brush, extra camera battery, camera (sometimes nook) cord, lash grip and bronzer.  
Now I guess there are questions?  Sorry this is so long!  lol

1. Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?
I got my purse on clearance in the Victoria Secret catalog about 5 years ago.  I'm looking for a new go-to.  I call this my "going out" bag, my friends call it my "stripper bag." I can see that lol 
2. What are 3 must-haves (not including keys and wallet) in your purse? 
Allergy medicines, painkillers, eye drops
3. What is something that you should have in your purse right now, but don't? 
First of all, my camera!  I can't take a picture of my camera if I'm using it!  Other than that I think I'm pretty covered right now...

4. What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now? 
Lip care!  For sure!

5. Is there something in your purse you should explain?
I would say all the medicines, but I explained that in my caption...so I'll pick all the lip balms.  I have pouty lips.  They get dry easily and I am OBSESSED with having something on them all the time.  

I was thinking of adding a question, but I'm not going to.  This is long enough!  I'll leave it up to you to add questions in the comment section :)  
That's it!  Sorry this was so long :)   I'm not tagging specific people because this is one of those that is going around a lot.  If you want to do it, tell me in the comments so I can read yours!  Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love how you were like "Urban Decay Pocket Rocket... other lipgloss" hahaha. Urban Decay is my favorite makeup brand, so I thought that was awesome and hysterical! :D

  2. hi kate. oh i think those zoyas are calling my name. lol. no zoyas for me yet but, soon i hope. <3

  3. Great post! You are well prepared for all sorts of situations. :)

  4. My purse is nothing compared to this! You have everything! I carry more than one lipgloss, too. Having just one wouldn't be right. haha. :)

  5. Eeeep I spot Santorini on your Nook! I loved this post, I am an Urban Decay fan too hehehe!


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