July 25, 2011

Catrice Dirty Berry + Forget-Me-Not

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  Tell me all about it in the comments!  I've been curious this whole time as to what everyone else does in their free time... Since I don't do anything lol.  I babysat last night, so that was something!  Today I am going to show you part of the prize from Witoxicity's contest.  She sent me four BEAUTIFUL Catrice polishes.  I was so excited because I can't get my hands on these myself :) 

Here is my horrible looking mani that I did with Dirty Berry (base color) and Forget-Me-Not (tips and stamp).  I'm kind of embarrassed by it.  Especially since I used such beautiful colors.  I can't say much about the formula, it's pretty much perfect on both of them, although FMN was almost a one coater, and I didn't feel comfortable with less than three from DB... Although I probably could have gotten away with it.

Look at how great FMN stamps! 
I fully intended to clean my nails before I took pictures, but I HAD to show you how well FMN stamps.  Look at how dark and clear the picture is on my skin!  I love it. :)

Small announcement: Even though I lost a follower *sobs quietly* I am getting ready to start my 100 follower giveaway.  I'm not sure if I'm going to wait until I get to 100 or if I will start early, but be looking out for it!  

That's all I've got.  Leave me some interesting questions or random comments... I need entertainment today! LOL  Thanks for looking!


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  1. I do nothing but lie on the couch, watch horror flicks and paint my nails! Love this mani!

  2. pretty mani! I love the combination of theses polishes! they look great together!
    And glad to hear FMN is perfect for stamping!
    I've just bought these 2 polishes to given them in a swap.

    I don't have much free time....sadly! I work all day so I just have the evenings free but sometimes I have a party with my friends or collegues, go jogging once a week and spend time with my bf lol

  3. Love both of those! And Forget Me Not stamps really well! It looks great!
    My weekend was pretty good! But I hate when I have days or weekends when I don't do anything. Sometimes you just HAVE to get outta the house, ya know? Hope you have a good week! :)

  4. your base color is so pretty.!

  5. Haha, I love the name 'Dirty Berry'. They are both really pretty colors!

  6. Those are so pretty. I love the colour and the little flower is so cute!

    You have a wonderful blog and you're very pretty!!

    All the best,

  7. hey kate. those colors are lovely!!!

    how does one lose a follower? i kinda noticed that i lost some too. oh well. as long as we enjoy what we do i think it shouldn't matter

  8. freaking love it!!!
    My weekend consisted of working but i did get some polish so ya you will be able to see it soon;) you will be so proud of me:)

  9. I love this! Purple is my favourite colour so this manicure is pretty much perfect in my eyes :-)

  10. Happens to all of us. Try skipping the tip stencils or stamps. Lay your finger flat on the table. hold your saturated french tip polish brush steady over the nail and then roll your finger while leaving the polish brush in a steady position over it. This gives you a much better French line over anything else you will ever try.

  11. Forget that person who 'un-joined' your blog followers. You will have 100 again. What you want to think about is how many read your blog - it's not in the #'s of followers - many follow and never read. You need to be creative in offering lots of ways for folks to sign up like Bloglovers and email which the latter you did do at my suggestion - thanks so much for that!

    I love these Catrice polishes. Curious if Dirty Berry is got a roughness to it? I see a shine so thinking not. Great shade. The Forget Me Not looks a lot like what OPI did with the Serena Williams Wimbledon what's it called? Smashing Purple? I got so many polishes of late, I cannot keep all the names straight! Lots of purple lovers out there!

  12. Hey dont be sad 4 loosing a follower u have a new one ur nails look very nice with that purple color I love it!can't wait for more posts!!

  13. That's such a fab pairing of polishes! They certainly go well together. I haven't done stamping for ages, but you're right, FMN works great for that. :)


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