July 12, 2011

FOTM: China Glaze Endurance

Hi everyone! Starting off, I'm going to warn you that the next two or three weeks won't be super exciting.  I'm really going to try to get my posts scheduled up for awhile so I can use Nail Envy properly... So if I don't do anything worth looking at, it's because I'm only wearing it for a day or less.  Sorry in advance!  
Next.  I didn't get my Birchbox today!  It's sitting in Des Moines. I'm so annoyed.  I'm not blaming them, I'm really not... I just hate waiting for things!  The way they ship things, to me anyway, is they use Streamlite then switch to USPS to deliver to the final destination.  Well, USPS has had my package since Friday.  SO annoying.  ANYWAY!  lol :)

Today I have China Glaze Endurance.  This polish was from the 2010 Fight Like a Woman collection.  The collection I was told multiple times would be coming to my Sally's that never did.  The collection I had to order.  I didn't really mind since it was a Breast Cancer purchase, but I did mind since I ended up spending close to $100 on other stuff ;) I don't know where I used to get money.  All I did was babysit! lol  

The formula on this is typical glass fleck/jelly.  Sheer.  Very sheer.  In the pictures below you can see VNL and staining and this was three coats.  It isn't so bad in the sun but you can still see it.

I love blogger so much.  I had this whole part typed out and it got eaten.  Grrr... It might have also been my hand hitting the mouse on my Mac, but I can't be sure so I'll blame technology lol  Let's see if I can remember what I had written:

These pictures aren't really color accurate.  IRL the base is a deeper raspberry color with fuchsia and silver flecks.  It isn't too far off, but the color really is darker.  

Besides the formula being watery, sheer, crappy all-around, I recommend this color.  It is really pretty, would probably be great for some kind of layering and just makes me feel good.  

I guess I have nothing else to say.  I'm annoyed about half my post disappearing!  lol  Hope you all are having a good day!  Don't forget to vote on my poll!  Thanks for reading! :) 

Listening to: Beautiful Mess - Miranda Cosgrove
Sparks Fly, 2010


  1. i like the colour
    but booo that it stains :(
    overall not bad :D

  2. Ah I hate it when colors stain!

    And let us know when you get your Birchbox! I just got mine yesterday, so fun!

  3. This never showed up at my Sally's either (unless it was in and sold out in record time).

    I always write my posts offline so I've got a backup in case Blogger does something strange. Not that I don't sometimes mess myself up offline, though. :)

  4. such a pretty color! Yah, blogger has been messing up for me alot lately too.

  5. Ugh Blogger can be so annoying! I've never seen this color- I really like it and it looks great on your nails!


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