July 14, 2011

FOTM: FingerPaints Magenta Mood

Hey everyone!  I am writing this super late because of a last minute birthday road-trip, getting lost, not finding a hotel and... well... getting lost.  I'm not gonna say much.  I'm tired.  :)

This is FingerPaints Magenta Mood.  It is a gorgeous raspberry red with red, fuchsia and gold (maybe?) flecks in it.  Pretty! 

So that's really all I have tonight.  Isn't she pretty?  I'll talk to you all soon!  Thanks for reading! 

Listening to: Nothing.  It's too late for music.  Going to sleep.  :)


  1. thats a really nice summery shade. Really nice magenta shade ^^ So bright!!

  2. pretty!!! I think I might have this color but not used it yet...

  3. Love that! Definitely a color I could see myself wearing!

  4. @Olivia C.It's really nice! I bought it because I needed a red, but the flecks make it really special!


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