July 16, 2011

FOTM: Wet N Wild Teal of Fortune

Hi everyone!  How's your weekend going?  
I love that I decided to do these finish features.  I can take swatch photos all at once (which is turning out to be a necessity.. no sun in Iowa this summer!) and load the pictures so they'll be waiting for me as a draft.  Turns out, this is a GREAT idea because I've kind of been super busy lately!  Yesterday I went to the water park with my friend and her two kids and had an AMAZING time.  I haven't been swimming in years.  Which is kind of bad because I forgot all of the breathing techniques that used to be second nature to me.  Sad face.  But I had a blast!  I was even a big girl and went on the drop slide.  BIG step for me.  I HATE heights and falling!  lol  It was amazing.  I am so tired and so burnt and didn't have time to repaint my nails after the chlorine destroyed them.... so this is why I'm thankful that I started this post weeks ago :)  Does anyone have any tips for swimming and keeping nail polish on?  By the end of the day every nail had popped off, and even my pedicure (which usually lasts MONTHS if I let it) was chipped!  HELP! 

Enough of that.  Here are some pictures of this gorgeous beauty!

Very similar to Zoya Charla. Don't you think??

haha I have such ugly VNL!  lol
I'm in love with this polish (I bet you've never heard me say that! LOL).  I'm not really sure how to describe it.  It's a darker teal with goldish and blueish type specks in it.  If I'm not clear, and it doesn't appear that I am, it looks like Zoya Charla.  I'm not sure if they are exact dupes, but they are VERY close.  I'll have to do a comparison sometime.  Downfall of this polish?  Besides being sheer, like all jellies, it STAINED.  I was afraid to swatch it!  I had swatched on my thumb when I bought it and my cuticles were blue for a week.  So bad!  Ugh.  I hate when great polishes are ruined by staining.  Boo.

Anyway, any tips you have about pools and nails?  Anything you want to see in the coming weeks?  I love hearing from you guys!  Thanks so much for looking! 

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