July 28, 2011

FOTM: Zoya Charla

Good morning dear readers!  I am so freaking excited.  As of now, I have 110 followers!  SO, welcome to all of my new followers!  I want to add, if you follow me email me your link.  I click on your GFC pictures, but sometimes it doesn't have a blog link listed so give it to me so I can follow back!  You are all some SERIOUSLY talented ladies and most of the time I feel like I shouldn't be getting any attention because so many of you are so much better!  
PLUS what does 110 followers mean?  A giveaway!  I'm not going to start it until next week because I'm waiting on one of the prizes, but as soon as I get it shit is ON!  This will be my first (and possibly last) sponsored giveaway.  I decided to do it this way because, well, I really didn't expect to have so many followers in the short amount of time that I've been blogging.  For the first month I didn't have a job so I wasn't able to pick much up.  I really want to do a 100 follower giveaway, and I'll try to do them randomly after this one.  I'm so excited, and I'm excited for you to see this prize!  Anyway, enough babbling. :)

Today's swatch is Zoya Charla.  I am in love with this little girl (have you not heard THAT enough out of me?  lol)  She is very similar to WnW Teal of Fortune, so I will be purging that one.  It's on my swap list now if you're interested.  

Sorry bout the icky dry hands :(

This polish is an amazing glass fleck duo chrome.  It is blue/teal with flashes of green that just make this polish something super special!

This is a beautiful polish and I am SO glad I took advantage of the promo and picked it up.  What is your favorite Zoya glitter?  

That's all for today.  I'm on my way to my God son's birthday party!  See you all soon.  Thanks for looking! 


Listening to: Help Yourself - Amy Winehouse
Frank, 2004
(RIP Amy)

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  1. very pretty!!! I don't own any zoya glitter polishes as a matter of fact I only own 1 zoya and its a matte... Congrats on all the followers, I enjoy reading your blog!!


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