July 06, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Hello Kitty! + Pedi success

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Today I have a Pink Wednesday design that I'm actually pretty happy with. Strange, right!?  :)  For this mani I used my Hello Kitty plate that I got for free from Born Pretty Store!  They are so awesome.  Beyond words.  Oh, I used the free stickers too :)  Here's what I did:

Pure Ice - Super Star!
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Fuchsia Power
Sally Hansen Insta Dry - Fuchsia Flare
Avon - Warm Black
Konad m60

I'm not in love with how this turned out, but I'm in love with how much better it is than my previous attempts!  I bet if I tried a few more times it would look damn good!  My pointer finger was kind of a disappointment.  It probably would have worked if I had used a different polka dot plate.  The dots on this one got smaller as the went up.  If I had used an image where all of them were the same size I bet it would have looked better.  Also, on the thumbs I used two pinks when I should have stopped at the light pink.  It looked fine with just the one, then I had to mess it up and use the other.  The left thumb is ok but the right is a disaster! 

The materials I used for the art were the Konad m60 plate, BPS plate M71, pink rhinestone from bundle monster and the bow sticker is also from Born Pretty Store.  I really like this.  What do you think?

I was also going to show you my toes to show you what decision I had made, but as soon as I got my feet macro and zoomed, they look horrible.  Not so much because they are gross or anything, but because the cleaning is terrible and I need to go over the cuticles with acetone again! lol  Plus, the ONE picture I got the bottom of my other foot is showing and it is a little dirty.  I wore flip flops to my niece's ballgame and it was muddy.  ICK!

On another note: Would anyone who has access to Catrice or GOSH be willing to do some swaps?  Let me know!  I would really appreciate it.  Have you seen the new Catrice collection?  WOW! lol  

That's all I have today.  Thanks for looking!

Listening to: Lullaby of London - The Pogues
If I Should Fall From Grace of God, 2006


  1. i love the hello kitty stamp
    it's so cute!

  2. Cute mani! I think it looks great!

  3. :O Those are amazing nails and I LOVE Hello Kitty ^.^ ♥

  4. kitty! cute kitty!

    i am also looking for gosh here but no luck. i want the raibow one!

  5. I love the one with the stripes so cute with the bow! They're all so nice :) A really nice addition to pink wednesday!

  6. You did a great job stamping--I never quite managed to get it right when I tried. I especially like your pinky dots. :)

  7. Cute! I love the thumb!

  8. By the way, how do you get the cute little "Kate" signature at the end of your post? please email me: imfeelingnailventurous@yahoo.com as I might forget to check this comment area again even though I check your blog every time you have a new nail design haahaha...


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