July 03, 2011

Sunday Haul + Awards

Hey everyone!  It's that time of week again... Haul!  This week is super small, but I have some other stuff for you to look at.  On to my products!

Essie Super Bossa Nova
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
I have been using the cuticle cream everyday since I bought it.  I LOVE IT!  I usually have my fingers all raggedy from opening bottles and stuff, but they look perfect now!  Awesome stuff.

As for the polish, I hate that I bought it full price because I know it will go on clearance at Walgreens, but I couldn't stand it!  I saw swatches of it and HAD to have it.  I think I'm going to see if I have anything close to it.  It seems really familiar.  Hot pink with blue/purple flashes seem really popular this year!  Oh well : )

Born Pretty Store nail foils
I got these as yet another promotion that they were doing.  They got here lightening fast!  Only about two weeks.  Very impressive!  I didn't get to choose the design or I would probably have picked just plain ones, or a brand logo that I actually use ;).  I will be trying these soon!  They're so flashy. Oh, and the strange angle is the only way I could get a picture without tons of glare!

When I started writing this the other day I thought I'd have a few more things to show, but I don't!  I got tagged for some awards so I'll do those :)

I got tagged for these by Polish Amor <3.  She wasn't on my blog list before (she didn't follow me under her blog name so I had no idea who she was! Sorry!), but after I checked her out she has been added to my blog roll.  She does some really cute designs! Check her out!  Thanks sweetie!


1. Thank the person that gave you the award and link them back
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this onto 15 bloggers
4.Tell the people that you gave the award to


1. I used to be a genetics major
2. I'm trying to open a cupcakery I love baking :) 
(it's called Infinitely Sweet Bakery)
3. When I dream, it is always in insanely vivid detail 
and always about the same thing
4. I want to live in Ireland
(Does anyone happen to know any of the Eakins' family they can connect me with?!? lol)5. Sometimes I feel like I grew up too fast and I'm really still just a kid.  
I would rather spend my time pretending with a toddler than drinking with an adult 6. My favorite bar drink is Malbu Rum in pineapple juice
7. My most vivid memory from high school is drinking a Chocolate Peanut butter malt with double malt with my then crush Ryan.  I crave those even today lol

So, there are some random things about me :)  I've tagged a lot of people recently, and these are all always going around so I'm just going to tag all my readers! If you haven't done this yet, go do it!  

I have my new poll up, don't forget to check it out and vote! 

Thanks for looking! Have a great week <3

Listening to: Going Under - Saliva
Blood Stained Love Story, 2007


  1. The cuticle cream is something Ive always wanted but never bought- now I NEED it!

  2. The Burt's Bees cuticle cream not only works, but the lemony scent is absolutely yummy! Good choice! :)
    - Mary

  3. @Toesthattwinkle!
    It is incredible! I didn't want to buy it, Burt's Bees are kind of out of my budget, but WOW!

  4. @SwatchAndLearn
    It kind of makes me want to make lemon pie. Cake. Cookies. Pudding..... anything that will allow me to taste something that smells like that. YUM


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