September 09, 2011


hi everyone! first off, apologies all around. this is going to be the shittiest post you see from me.  im not at home, so im writing this on the xoom without a keyboard, so if there are mistakes, forgive me! i also forgot my camera, so i had to take pics with the tablet. they aren't bad, but the lighting is weird. finally, i dont have a cleanup brush with me. i probably shouldn't post, but i am very excited about my nails today!

i know some of you are college football fans. being from iowa, this is a big weekend for me. its the inter-state iowa vs iowa state rivalry game! this is a huge event in iowa, and you either bleed red, or black and gold.  i bleed pure black.  i do a special mani for the game every year, and this year i did my first splatter mani! take a look:

Should have listened when I was told to tape my fingers.  I didn't want to use vaseline, and forgot to use tape.  Darnit. What a mess!

Tried to do an "I."  It only kind of worked.  I left in such a hurry, I forgot all of my supplies.  I couldn't find the stones I was originally going to use either. 

Clean up with a cotton pad.  Not even any q-tips. :(

And pretty much the final product.  It looks MUCH better in person!  Hoping it stays on so I can take some better pictures when I get home.

Headed out.  GO HAWKS!  Thanks for looking everyone! :)