September 28, 2011

Haul mani

Hi everyone!  So, I'm writing as it is passing 3am.  I'm unable to sleep.  Again.  Wide awake.  So, sorry for the mess.  I'm kind of delirious :) 

Remember a couple days ago when I did my haul?  I showed you a box of awesomeness that I won, and I showed you what Erika sent me, because she's awesome.  I could not WAIT to put on No More Waity, Katie!  (haha, no more waity? couldn't wait?)  Here's how that turned out: 
Well, I had also gotten that box with DS Mystery in it from Amanda, and I wanted to wear it RIGHT NAO as well.  Since I couldn't choose, I did one of those funky French things y'all do.  Or, I do.  It's about the best nail art I can come up with. lol  

Isn't that pretty?  Or, would be if I had cleaned it up (again, sorry! I suck!)?  I loved it.  I couldn't get a good picture because the sun has sucked, but I will FOR SURE be wearing both of these again!  Thank you so much ladies!  I'm not going to write more because I might scare you with my sleepless ramblings.....soooo... Good night (morning is when you'll read this), and thanks for looking! <3