October 05, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Liquid Luck

Hello everyone!  I have a couple of amazing manis coming at the end of the week, so stay tuned! For today, though, I have another franken!  This is a beauty that I made by accident.  I had an almost empty bottle of Sinful Colors "All About You" laying around while I was frankening, and ended up dumping a couple other polishes in it so I could make room to mix.  I looked down at the bottle and I had what Erika named "Felix Felicis."  Take a look: 

In the bottle it looks like a gold polish with a flash of pink, and some multi-colored glitter.  On the nail, with flash, it looks almost like a sheer version of the popular gold/pink foils we've been seeing a lot of.  But prettier. 

This polish is very sheer, but beautiful! I love the way it looks on my nails!  I couldn't get a good shot of how it looks out of bright light though.  It looks like a pinkish champagne.  Gorgeous.

 Finally, a picture without flash.  Here, you can see that the champagne/gold really is the dominant color in this polish.  Sorry it's blurry, but it really shows what I'm talking about!
I am SO happy with this franken!  It is feminine, nude(ish), elegant, and extremely eye catching!  Every time I look at it, it's different!  Okay.  That's all I've got today.  Hopefully I can have an awesome Halloween post tomorrow, and my birthday mani Friday!  I'm so excited!  Thanks for reading! :)