November 25, 2011

Dr's Remedy Jolly and Joy Holiday 2011

Hi everyone!  Today I have my second review for Dr's Remedy.  The AMAZING Jolly and Joy collection!  These five shades were recently released for the 2011 Holiday.  I've already told you about the company, so I'll jump right in!  

Another red!  I actually like this one.  I think I'm being converted into a red lover.  It's a gorgeous glowing shade, very classic.  The formula was a little thin and I had a tad bit of trouble with application.  The brush is partly to blame, otherwise it was the thin formula.  I like my polishes a little thicker! 

Here's what I'm talking about with the brush.  It's smaller, and really stiff.  The bristles didn't really spread out that much.  It was the only polish with a brush problem, so I'm sure I just got a wonky one! 

This is a beautiful shade that you wouldn't really expect to see as a green in a holiday collection.  I'm really loving this lighter shade with a delicate silver shimmer running through it.  This one was thicker and applied perfectly! 

This is another that is kind of surprising to me.  I call it more of a "sugar plum" shade than a purple.  Again, this has a delicate shimmer that makes it shine beautifully! 

SERENE Silver Glitter
This is the polish I was most excited about in this collection!  I wasn't disappointed.  In fact, I was totally WOWed!  A gorgeous silver glitter that also has blue, purple and pink glitter mixed in.  So pretty.  Shown is two coats.

The final polish in the collection is a stunner!  It is described as a "red meets copper spin."  Honestly, I don't see that though.  I see silver and pink glitters.  Still a favorite!  This is also two coats.

Overall I am VERY pleased with this collection!  All but the red went on beautifully and are just gorgeous.  The thin formula of REVIVE is the only real problem I have.  I may be able to correct that by leaving the bottle open for a few minutes, which I will try.  The brush is another story though!  I'll have to figure out how to deal with that...

SERENE and ESSENTIAL are both unique shades that I will be wearing quite a bit.  I am just in love with them!  If you only pick up two, make them these!  

Dr's Remedy is available online at or by calling 877-323-NAIL.  They normally retail for $17 each (worth it if they help your nails!), but this weekend (through Monday, 11/28) they are $14 each.  They are also offering free shipping!  Definitely check that out if you are a Black Friday shopper!  

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What do you all think of these shades?  In love like I am?  Let me know down below!  (haha, I rhymed teehee)  Thanks for looking!  

*Products were sent for review. All opinions are strictly my own*