November 30, 2011

Snowy Winter Fail.

Hey everyone.  Today, I have a failure.  A massive failure.  A failure of such proportions that it could shape my entire nail art life.

You see, when I started about doing this manicure, I had been lusting after this picture I'd created in my head weeks ago.  There was going to be white snow on a dark glittering background, silver ice (the crackle), gorgeous stamping... all with a glittery, girly glaze.  It didn't happen.  None of it came together the way it should have and that stamping was all but lost in the glitter (I stamped on top of the glitter, btw.)  So, here's what it looks like:

Hot. Freaking. Mess.  Sorry I didn't clean up, but I'm not going to keep them.  I'm going to use Midnight Mission as a base and put silver crackle on top... and maybe (but probably not) layer white crack on top.  And probably add sparkles.  I love sparkles.  Anyway, what are you all wearing today???  Thanks for looking!