December 15, 2011

BLAZE Color Changing Nail Color

Hi everyone!  Today I have an exciting new brand to show you!  Well, new to me anyway!  Who here has heard of BLAZE before now?  These polishes are the first I've seen from them, and I'm hooked!  

As the title indicates, Blaze creates color change nail color.  I'm not very familiar with the technology, so I thought I'd give it a try.  The website simply states that SolarActive technology is the secret to the change.  Put even more simply: the polish you apply as one color morphs into something completely different once it is exposed to UV.  I received two polishes: Amethyst Rocks/Cosmo Nights and Cotton Candy/Razzle Raspberry.  So, let's look at the pictures and see what happens!  (Please click these.  They are MASSIVE!  I thought the collage would be the appropriate way to display these!)
Amethyst Rocks to Cosmo Nights
When I first got these polishes I rushed the bottles outside to see them change color.  It didn't happen.  The color change is SO much slower in the bottle than on the nail!  Once I got it on the nail (three coats, it is a glitter after all!), the change was almost instantaneous!  It went from picture 1 to picture 2 in about 5 seconds, with full change in 10-15 seconds.  I love both the start and end color.  Very pleased!  Application was also better than most glitters.  It wasn't thick and gooey and very manageable.  

Cotton Candy to Razzle Raspberry
This one was a little "meh" for me.  This is two coats, and it is a pretty color (both inside and outside), but it's frosty.  If I can make it work without it being streaky, I will be all over using this!  Unfortunately, I'm not good at making frosts look good.  Overall change was a little bit faster, 2-3 seconds.  I wish I loved it more, but I expected the end result to be darker.  

I was SO excited to get these polishes.  If any of you really know me, you know I love love love trying new things!  Like I said, I rushed the bottles outside and my heart was crushed that they didn't change.  I am very happy I didn't write them off without trying them on the nail first!  I guess that's a lesson of the "never judge a book" variety.  Just because it doesn't work in the bottle doesn't mean it doesn't work.  It just means that the glass is hindering the UV process.  If I hadn't ever put them on, I would not have been able to recommend this brand.  But, I did.  So, I do.  There are shades for every taste.  There are reds that change to black, blue to green and most other combinations you can think of!  I will be getting more!  

The Blaze Brights collection retails for $12.95 on the Blaze website.  They also have Kenzie's Classic mini collection available for $7.95 each.  If you would like to buy them or find out more information, you can find their website here.
You can also follow like them on Facebook.

So, what do you think?  Will you be trying them out?  Let me know if you do!  Thanks for looking! 

*Products were sent for review.  All opinions are my own*