December 13, 2011

LAYLA Magneffects

Hi everyone!  Quick question: Are you sick of my magnetic posts yet?  No?  GOOD!  I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon!  BEST TREND EVER!  That being said, I have a different brand today.  LAYLA. 

Layla is an Italian company that boasts claims such as being the first nail polish company in Italy and one of the innovators behind magnetic polishes.  Or, at least distributing them to the masses in the rest of the world.  While they have branched out into other trends, they are certainly most known for this one.  (Note: I did NOT use a top coat with these.  I also didn't use a base, since the bottle stated that no base is needed and they won't stain.  I wanted to test that out!) 

Turquoise Wave
This here is the real "no stain" test.  I didn't have it on very long, but it didn't show any sign of staining.  Which, as you all know, isn't very common with turquoise polishes!  It applied much like other magnetic polishes.  Thick, but workable.  You only really need one coat if you are feeling thrifty!  This is two, though.  It's just gorgeous! 

Golden Bronze
Golden Bronze is absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't capture it properly.  If you do it just right, you can get a third color to pop out in the middle of the darker strips. I included two pictures, hoping you could see it!  It's like a tiger's eye. This shade truly reminds me of a stone!  

I didn't think I needed to take a picture of the magnet.  It is in the lid, which is a little awkward to get used to.  You kind of have to be creative so you don't get it on the inside of your hand.  It doesn't take long to get used to, though.  The thing that is different with this magnet is that you can actually see where the line is.  The lid is embossed with it so you can tell where and how you are positioning it.  It really makes it easy to get consistent patterns without much error.  That is a huge deal for me!  I can't line stamps up to save my life and I'm sure if I couldn't actually see the magnet placement, I wouldn't be able to do this either.  

Layla currently distributes 12 shades to the US.  On the Italian site there are 24, but I don't know if those are only going to be available overseas of if they will eventually make it here.  I can't read Italian!  ;)  Magneffects retail for $15.50 each, but include the magnet in the price so it's not as bad as it could be.  They are sold several places online including,, and  

I really like these and the remaining colors are going on my wish list.  I'm hoping this trend doesn't fizzle out too soon!  What do you think of it??  Thanks for reading! 

*Products provided for consideration.  All opinions are my own.*