December 09, 2011

POP Beauty O'Boy

Hi everyone!  Last week, the lovely Katie from Harlow and Company sent me this POP Beauty polish for review.  POP is a totally new brand to me.  I'd thought about trying it, but it's been kind of hard to get my hands on it.  So when Katie asked if I would like to review it, of course I said yes! 
However, I'm a little disappointed.  The formula on this was just ok.  What you'll see below is three coats, and I almost feel like I could have done four.  Since this is the only POP I've ever used, it may just be the color.  I can't be sure.  In the pictures you can see almost bald spots.  This was just on camera, but it still really bugs me.  Will it look like that in bright light?  Couldn't tell ya.  I don't let it happen!  

As you can see, O'Boy is a peachy nude color.  It's kind of strange.  It goes better with my skin tone than I would have guessed, and might make a good nude for, well, I don't know when I would wear a nude.  If I ever do though, it will be this one I'm sure!  The pulling I experienced isn't enough to deter me from the brand completely.  I really would like to try more sometime.  I just don't know when it will be.  

Final thought?  POP can wait.  I'll try it again sometime, but only if I'm already ordering something else from Harlow.  Which I will soon!  (I hope.)  It can be found for $10 HERE.

Now, on to Harlow and Company.  The experience I had was very pleasant.  Katie is located in Canada, so shipping to me was a little slow.  That is to be expected when crossing borders this time of year!  She was also kind enough to check in to make sure I had received the product.  

As well as POP, she stocks Glitter Gal, models own, Nubar, piCture pOlish, Ozotic, Scotch Naturals and Spa Therapy Works.  I'm hoping she'll get brands like A England soon!  I would love to get my hands on those.  Harlow and Company is for sure on the top of my e-tailer list now! 

*Product was sent to me by retailer for review.  Opinions are all my own.*

Have you guys ordered from Harlow or other independent stockists?  What do you think?  Thanks for reading!