January 17, 2012

Break time!

Hi everyone!  I am taking a break today because I have some family here that will be flying back to Alaska next week and this will be my last chance to see them until July!  I am absolutely in LOVE with the kids, and I can't bear to not spend as much time with them as I can!

When I get back, I have three reviews I'm going to post right in a row.  They are all holiday collections that I want to get finished up!  I'll kind of explain why I'm just getting to them, but it might be pretty obvious once you see the pictures.  :S

Also, I am looking for Series ideas!  I asked you all about doing those on Sunday, and I got some mixed answers.  I think I will do a different series every month, but only post two manis per week or something. I also plan on bringing back Pink Wednesday.  I REALLY loved doing it, and it's perfect for the season!

Let me know your ideas and thoughts, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!  Thanks guys!


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