January 03, 2012

Mattese Elite

Hi ladies!  Today I have some Mattese Elite to show you.  This is my first experience with the company.  I have very mixed feelings about them, so let's just get started! 

The first shade I tried was Uninhibited.  This is NOT my color!  It is pearly, streaky (maybe it's me.  I'll admit), and very very sheer.  I hate sheer.  It went on well, and had a pretty green flash to it.  That's about the only plus to this shade!  If the green flash were made into an opaque shade, I'd be all over it!  However, this one is going in my swaps!

Gold Glitter
Gold Glitter is very unique!  It is small hex glitter with these silver holo "shattered" pieces in it.  I don't think I've ever seen pieces like this!  Very strange.  It's pretty as a top coat, and I don't think it will get opaque.  Also, the silver pieces you kind of have to place yourself.  The formula is good though!  I like this one!

Passion reminds me a lot of Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle.  But different.  MUCH different!  They have the same base colors though.  I used three coats and it was opaque.  Very nice coverage!  The formula on this was very nice for a glitter.  Very easy to use.  I haven't done a wear test to see if it chips super badly like some glitters do, but I'm sure I will at some point so I'll know if I can wear it on it's own.  

PROS:  I like the formula on these polishes.  They all went on very nicely! They didn't have an overly powerful smell either.  I've been having a lot of sensitivity with polish fumes lately, but this didn't bug me much.  

CONS:  I'm not sure I feel comfortable listing cons, but here it goes.  Uninhibited is pretty horrible imo.  It might look nice on some people, but the pearl finish is just bad.  I think it looks like the inside of an oyster shell.  It might be pretty on top of things, but on it's own?  Nuh uh.  

Overall:  I really liked the glitters.  I think when I get a chance I'll try some of the other polishes in this line.  I saw several that look very pretty and wearable!  I just picked an unfortunate polish this time.  Passion is my favorite from this set by far!  Only because I don't typically layer glitters like Gold Glitter.  If I want glitter, I want a BOMB!  I will try other colors and hopefully, I will love them.  

Mattese Elite is available for $5.99 at their website, or Ricky's NY.

Do you guys like ME?  What colors should I try??  

*Products sent for review.  Thoughts and opinions are all my own.*



  1. I really like Passion! Uninhibited is so not my thing either. I sort of wish there were more silver pieces of glitter in Gold Glitter but it does look intriguing!

    1. I feel the SAME WAY! The Gold Glitter is nice, but the silver looks kind of random. If there were more, it would be incredible!

  2. Yea, I like Passion. Uninhibited...not so much, so I agree with you lol.

    1. I wonder if people still wear colors like that anymore??


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