February 03, 2012

My First Picture Polish

Hi everyone!  I got super exciting mail yesterday!  Not only did I get some Barielle that I had been expecting, but I got a swap package from Singapore!  She had asked which piCture pOlish I wanted if she could get them and I chose Shamrock.  

Shamrock is a dark green jelly/cream.  I love it!  I added an accent of PP Hypnotize on the ring finger.  Love this polish!  It'll be great for St. Patrick's day!

Coming soon, look for the rest of the swap!  Thanks so much, Inky!

*update*  I ruined the accent on my right hand as I was writing this.  It will probably come off fairly early tomorrow.  Bummer.  *stupid sheets*

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  1. the accent added that little something to the mani !! gr8 color !

  2. Shamrock looks so pretty on your nails:D hahas
    Considering to get one for myself too;D hahas

  3. ooh pretty green! I wanna see the rest of the swap!


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