March 21, 2012

Guest Post #3: Liz!

Last guest post this week is Liz from Nothing But Nail Polish.  Enjoy! 

When I first saw swatches of Breathe Life I NEEDED it!!! So when I found it on eBay I jumped all over it.

OPI Breathe Life supports Lung Cancer Foundation of America and I love when companies do this because it shows that they care.

For this mani I used 4 coats and I love how it turned out.

So on to the pictures....

Thanks so much, Liz!  This is a gorgeous polish!  <3



  1. I saw this a couple yrs ago on eBay and all funds went to a donation for a respiratory disease. I never thought I would see it as it was not bought by many places for retail sales. I nabbed 2 of them hoping to play with one for toppers. It's really, really sheer and has a lot of illuminescense.


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