May 01, 2012

Sale "Issue" Clarification

Okay.  I am VERY happy at the response to my blog sale!  I'm pretty sure I will be adding more things later.  Yay!  Now that I've said that, I got a very disappointing email today.

Zoya contacted me and told me that I would no longer be receiving  PR or samples because a "twitter fan" informed them that I was selling their samples for profit.  I wasn't upset with Zoya at all, and I totally understand where they are coming from... However, the "fan" that made the assumption that everything I'm selling was sent to me for free is preposterous!  I belong to MANY swap groups, and I do tons of in country swaps, how is it not possible that those were sent to me?  Or that I bought extras?

I do (as you've seen) have samples on my sale.  I am not selling any of them at a price that I will be making money on them.  In fact, I think I have *most* of my items at a lower price than I could actually get for them!  I am "selling" those to help cover shipping costs.  If any of you have shipped anything before, you know that it costs more than what I am charging for shipping.  So really, I'm only making a minimal amount on anything I have listed.

I am very disappointed in what happened today.  There seems to be SO much drama surrounding Zoya.  They are an amazing company, and no matter what the outcome of this situation would be, I would support them fully.  Luckily, we were able to talk and get things figured out.

Summary?  If you have a problem, or you feel somebody isn't doing something right, be an adult and ask THEM about it.  It will solve a lot of problems before they are even created!

NOW, I just wanted to let you know that some of my international friends have talked to me... and I've decided to sell internationally!  Same drill for all of you, just quite a bit more shipping :(  If you are interested in any, shoot me an email listed on the sale page and we'll get you set up!

To everyone else, thank you SO much again.  I love all you guys!  Thanks for reading :)



  1. I totally get that you can't sell things you got for free, but I'm also sure that the "whistle blowing" was done out of a case of sour grapes/personal drama and NOT because someone truly cared about the well being of Zoya. Bizarre "community" we have here.

    1. Exactly. Like I said, I'm paying for shipping, I'm not making money off it. If I gave them to a friend, they would still pay for shipping! (In fact, most of these are going to friends who think they should pay MORE shipping!). The jealousy makes me sad. Especially since this is my first bad experience with blogging.

  2. Um..what?

    That would be like me getting upset over you listing a polish I had sent you in your blog sale. For all I know someone else sent you one too and since you didn't need two you swapped or sold the extra.

    That's just a ridiculous assumption and we all know what happens when someone assumes anyway. *sigh*

    I'm glad Zoya was able to see your side of the story.

    1. For the sake of disclosure... I DID list one you sent me! LOL It was the one I had already bought one of though :) Ya know, since it was a secret swap package teehee

    2. I saw it and figured you either ended up with two or decided you didn't like it. I'm certainly not offended by it. I gave it to you to do what you wanted with it. If that means selling it for money for a new iPhone then so be it!

    3. It was Sweet Dreams. We talked about that as soon as I opened the box lol

  3. I remember that now that you bring it up. I suggested you take it back and swap it for something different but this works too!

  4. I'm so glad you're a reasonable person & decided not to go on a rant about Zoya. I love blogging but I tend to stay away form Makeup Alley & Facebook groups because there is always drama no matter how hard all of the good folks try to avoid.

    Thanks again for using your brain & handling this situation like a grown up!

  5. I know how you feel. I just had my very first haters this week over something similar, I've cried so much and I feel like quitting my blog.

    I love what you said here:

    "Summary?  If you have a problem, or you feel somebody isn't doing something right, be an adult and ask THEM about it.  It will solve a lot of problems before they are even created!"


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