October 25, 2012

Quick Tutorial: Homemade "Remove+" PLUS Giveaway winner!

Hi everyone!  Today I am going to do a really quick "tutorial" post.  I don't usually do these because I feel like nothing I do is worth telling you how (haha), but I haven't seen this posted in quite awhile.  For everyone wondering how you can get the effects of Zoya Remove+ for less, you've come to the right place!  I just did this for the first time today and I really love it!  

Here's what you'll need:
A bottle of PURE acetone ($5.00) (any brand)
an empty acetone bottle, or something else you can dump acetone into (I had a partial bottle I used since it's the same stuff!)
Glycerin ($4.00) - This can be found at any pharmacy.  I found it at Walmart in the first aid section.  If you can't find it, ask!  They will know exactly what you are talking about! 
(optional) Fragrance Oil ($1.50) - I used Bubblegum flavoring oil (but had thrown away the bottle so I'm showing you the peppermint bottle I have of the same brand.)  I have trouble finding essential oils around where I live and flavoring oils are essentially oil and alcohol... 

I had trouble figuring out how much glycerin I wanted to use, but most people use 1-2T per 200mL.  Which I also found kind of confusing.  If you are going to use metrics, please use ALL metrics.  lol  ANYWAY, I didn't measure mine.  So here's the process I used (which can also be made easier, I'm sure):

1.  Dump out about 1/4 of the bottle of acetone.  Save what you dumped out!  You are just making room to shake! 
2.  Add your fragrance (if using any) and the glycerin.  For a 32 oz bottle of acetone, I used about 3 oz of glycerin.  That might be a little much for you, so 2 oz would work just as well.  
3.  Add water 1/2 oz at a time and shake!  Glycerin does not dissolve in acetone, so water has to be added to dissolve it completely.  When you hold the bottle up to the light (if you are using Sally's brand, or a brand with a similar non-clear bottle) you will be able to see the glycerin that is not dissolved.  It will be "clumped" and will have an oil in water look to it.  
4.  Once all the glycerin is dissolved, fill the bottle back up and you are done!  

So, for a $32 oz bottle, I spent approximately $8.50 making this, as opposed to the $25 you would spend on a bottle of Remove+.  Much more cost effective!  Plus, you can leave the fragrance out, or scent it any way you'd like!  You could also stretch the glycerin a little farther than I did to make three bottles and not two, which makes the deal even better!  I love it!  

NOW:  On to the giveaway!  Yes.  I did a giveaway on one of my posts!  Maybe you should be reading?  teehee  Anyway, I used random.org and it came up with entry #5 out of 16. 


I have emailed the winner and I'm giving her until Sunday evening to reply with her prize choice and address!  Thanks to all of you for reading, and maybe I'll do this again soon!  

That's it for tonight!  Might have been a little longer than I thought it would be.  Sorry!  Thanks for reading everyone! 


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