December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve is Here!!!!!!

Hi everyone!  Where in the world did this year go??  I think (unfortunately) I could count the number of posts I've done this year on my fingers and toes.  Yikes.  I hadn't planned a non-Christmas post for today, but I decided to go ahead and put this up here anyway (hence the messiness... you weren't supposed to see!!!!!!!!!).  I bought the entire Color Club Winter Affair collection at Sally's when they came out.  I was satisfied for about a week, then I got annoyed that I didn't own the namesake, Winter Affair.  Shortly after, I happened upon it in a blog sale and bought it and Gift of Glitter, also annoyed that there were two versions of that name.  Let me tell you, it was a GREAT buy!  I love love LOVE Gift of Glitter!  It is so super pretty!  

I took the photos with my phone so I could show you that it (FINALLY!) isn't broken anymore!  I got a really nice Christmas bonus at work and used it to buy new screens so I could have it fixed.  It made a world of difference!

Anywho, hope all of you have a great Christmas tomorrow!  Even if you don't celebrate :)  Thanks for reading!

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