January 09, 2013

Zoya Lovely: Spring 2013

I would like to start this post with my opinion that Zoya is officially running out of names.  The past couple of collections have left "say what?!?" type reactions in the community, and I would like to see what they come up with next!  lol  

Now I am going to show you MY swatches of the Lovely collection!  Every swatch I've seen has looked different, but, oddly enough, most of them (except the ones that look super bright) are pretty accurate.  Check out my version and see what you think!  

For all swatches I used three coats.  I seemed to have the usual issues that one finds with pastels.  Some bloggers have had better luck with the formula, but I'm not one of the lucky ones.  Thinning the creams may possibly help, but the shimmers have to be used as is.  

Neely is a dusty sage green cream.  Not bright, but definitely spring!  This is unique to my collection. 

(See what I mean about the names?)  This is a green tinted yellow shimmer.  It is very Easter-like to me, and I like it more on my nails than I do in the bottle.  A nice surprise. 

This is a pale, sky blue cream.  Very nice, but I wish I could have made two coats work.

I was most excited about this and GieGie.  Julie is a very pale lilac with silver shimmers.  Very springy and gorgeous!  

Gie Gie
I LOVE Gie Gie!  It is a super light, very girly light pink with silver shimmer.  My favorite of the collection!  

Jacque is a pale nude yellow.  The bottle color in the picture is accurate, but on the nail it seems like more of a yellow.  It actually reminds me a lot of (but doesn't dupe) Illamasqua Load.  Definitely interesting! 

Overall, I like the collection.  The shades are (exclusive of Blu) unique and just interesting enough to stand out.  I don't have anything like a single shade in this collection.  I wish that I could make them work in two coats, and maybe some thinner will help, but if that deters you, you may not like these.  My two favorites are Gie Gie and Julie for sure, and I recommend you pick those up!  

If you want to check them out they are on sale now at the Zoya website for $8 each.  These are NOT included in the 3for10 promotion going on right now! 

If you pick any up, let me know which ones you got and why!  Thanks for reading :) 

*Products in this post were provided for review.  All thoughts and opinions are truthful and my own*


  1. I love the cremes in this collection! They are so pretty!

  2. On you I really like Neely too, which is probably why you collect polishes this color! Lol. I saw someone compare Jacqueline and Load and if I remember correctly Load was more green. They are pretty close tho!

    Love your swatches of these. I may need Jacqueline and maybe even Neely. We'll see!


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