February 25, 2013

"Dark Blue With Silver Stars and Glitter"

Hello hello!  Posting two days in a row?  Holy cow!  Okay, let's not get excited yet... but I DO have all my photos pulled off my camera and drafted.  All I have to do is write posts for them!  Hopefully I'll be caught up in a month or two!  *groans*  Yeah, I let myself get THAT far behind.  Let's be happy I didn't take regular NOTD pictures too! I'd be set for the rest of the year!  Today's post is one of those NOTD posts I said I didn't do while I was gone.  See?  I lied already.  I'm horrible.  There REALLY aren't many though!  

This is the result of asking a male friend what I should paint on my toes.  The title says it all.  In fact, I believe that was his exact response followed by "I'm going to bed now."  My friends all either think my blogging/addiction is hilariously nuts, or boring as hell.  He varies between making fun of me and just being bored.  This particular night, he was bored.  Moving on though...

As you can see, I translated his suggestion, not to my toes, but to my fingers.  Again, I lie.  This was on my toes for WEEKS before I decided I liked it and put it on my fingers.  He did good.  Only, I took his suggestion very loosely since I hate doing nail art.  The stars are big pieces of glitter and the glitter is, well, smaller pieces of glitter.  I have no clue what the base color is, but I'm sure it's a China Glaze and the glitter is either China Glaze Techno or OPI Servin' Up Sparkle.  It really is impossible to tell.  Which is why I sold the OPI.  

Since I've gotten the feeling that you are getting bored with my attempts at being witty (or being tired translating into failed attempts to be witty), I shall bow out for the night.  Even I am sick of myself!  AND I have to work today.  At 5am (which explains me pre-writing haha). So, I'm hoping you will leave some comments, as I love reading them and it reminds me that I still have this blog!  Makes me check in :)  Thanks for reading!  


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