May 30, 2013

Pretty Me Polish

*Polishes in this post were sent for review.  All opinions are my own. 

Number 3! The first two polishes that I will show you are not available, but the third one is!  (Sorry again)

First up from the polishes Jeanette from Pretty Me Polish is Strawberry.  THIS is a red I can get behind!  It is a true red jelly with black square glitters.  This polish is so squishy and bright!  I love it!  I used three coats here.  When I opened the package, I couldn't wait to put it on!  

This polish was never named and never released, but I wanted to show it anyway.  It was a really unique duochrome that went from gold to green to pink.  I really love this, and I'm not really into toppers.  I think she needs to produce this one!

The last polish I was sent is Aluminum Christmas Tree.  I didn't really like this one at first because it is absolutely full of holo hair glitter.  I hate hair glitter!  However, this IS a very festive polish!  With the green, red and blue hexes, it goes over almost any base color to add lots of shine.

From what I have used of Pretty Me, I really like them!  The jelly covered in only three coats, and I absolutely adore the duochrome (even though she won't sell it!)!  You can buy Pretty Me Polish on etsy for $6-8.  There is plenty of variety, and lots of new shades!  

*Polishes in this post were sent for review.  All opinions are my own. 

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