January 22, 2014

A-England She Walks In Beauty

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Happy afternoon, ladies!  (And gents, as always)  First off, sorry about the dry skin.  I really didn't realize my hands were this gross until I was just now editing pictures.  Oh, the woes of living in a cold climate!  ;)  

So, I'm going to try to do swatching of newer polishes or ones I haven't used yet before I start doing others you've probably seen a million times.  I have probably hundreds (sick, isn't it??) of untrieds I need to go through!  Today I picked A-England, She Walks in Beauty.

I got this polish probably six months ago in a swap.  I LOVED it, but for some reason I've never worn it.  I think maybe I thought I had to layer it?  I'm really not sure, but that was a mistake either way!  This polish is gorgeous.  It's probably the most beautiful gold I've ever seen!  

As you can see, She Walks In Beauty turns your nails into a highly reflective, gold foil bed of awesome.  The pink glitter that it contains sometimes isn't even visible because it's so shiny! I used three coats for the pictures, but I'm not sure if I had to.  This instantly became a favorite and you'll probably see art with it soon!  It would make an amazing base for black or darker pink stamping, don't you think?  

Hope you all had an awesome day!  Thanks for stopping in! 


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