January 02, 2014

New Year, New You, New Blog

*Nothing to disclose*

Hola!  I did some thinking about my resolutions last night and decided that changing everything all at once is too much.  True, being healthier can be lots of little changes. -- But I still have leftover pizza in the fridge.  So I decided the blog is going to take center stage first.

First thing I'm going for the blog is setting up my swatching station.  I had bought a light tent AGES ago, and never used it.  It's going to be hard to get used to!  So, here's what that looks like:

It's small.  Our whole house is small.  I had to put this in the basement.  However, I have room for all the bottles that need swatched (right side), and my acetone, cleanup brush, etc  on the left side.  I have my lights and tripod too!  

Next up, I will be worker on making the blog more professional looking.  That includes a new style and layout, so if the next couple of days everything looks a little messed up... it probably is.  

This year is going to hold exciting things for me... I just have to let it!  Keep shining, fellow addicts :) 

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