January 09, 2014

Zoya Naturel 2014

*Products in this post were provided for review.  No other compensation was received for giving my opinion of the product.*

Hi everyone!  Today I have the last of the Zoyas that I had sitting... For now anyway :)  The Naturel collection is made up of 6 full coverage nudes with a rosy base.  This seems to be the trend for the coming year, as these remind me of the Naked 3 palette, which also has rosy undertones.  Let's get started!

Chantal is described as French vanilla cream.  In the bottle it's more peachy, but it turns yellow against my skin.  The picture above shows the true color.  
 Taylor is supposed to be a light toffee cream.  This one works much better with my tone!  It is very natural looking, as opposed to the jaundice look that I got with Chantal.  :)
 Rue is a boudoir blush cream.  Rue is the closest I've come to "mannequin hands."  Very close to my skin tone!  Funny story, this is not the first bottle of Rue that I had.  I very nearly cried when I got the collection because Rue was busted.  It was like I was reading the books all over again! LOL  Then I felt stupid.  But, this IS a gorgeous polish and it is a shame that a whole bottle was wasted! 
 Brigette is a bombshell mauve cream.  The pink in this one was kind of lost on me.  It looks more tan than mauve.  However, that undertone is there.  This is another "almost" mannequin shade. 
 Odette is probably my favorite and is described as a sultry maroon cream.  I think it's a little light to be called Maroon, but that doesn't stop it from being gorgeous! 
 Finally, Normani is a sable mauve cream.  I am not a fan of this.  The picture below is literally how it looked on my nails.  Like chocolate milk.  This is another weird one, as it looks darker in the bottle with a rose undertone.  It completely transformed on the nail!  I've seen lots of bloggers that it worked on, I was not one of them! 
This collection isn't for everyone, but I really appreciate the pinkness of these.  It brings something that most nudes don't.  They make it more likely that I'll wear them!  They are available now at zoya.com for $9 each.

What do you think?  To nude, or not?  Thanks for reading! 

*Products in this post were provided for review.  No other compensation was received for giving my opinion of the product.*


  1. hmm.. I think only Odette appeals to me!! I'm not too big on nudes though

    1. Odette is definitely the pretty one! : )


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