June 22, 2014

DIY Gel Manicure? Day 1.

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Good evening, lovelies!  I've been gone awhile, and I wasn't going to post until tomorrow, but I figured what the heck.  This past two weeks or so I have been a a feverish hunt for the perfect gel manicure system.  I have so much trouble with breakage (which explains my lack of swatching/posting.  Sorry!) that I just haven't been into the whole polish thing lately.  I got a gel manicure a couple weeks back and the protection I get is just incredible!  I had forgotten what it feels like to have one!  I even have significant growth, too, which can be seen below.

The hunt for the perfect system is awful.  Especially on a budget.  Then I remembered that I had seen somewhere that you can "get gel manicure results" using Gelous (you can get it at Sally's)!  Who of us doesn't have a bottle of that around??  I used these instructions that I found on Pinterest.

I know NOTHING of who came up with the procedure or technique, so if you know, tell me so I can credit them!
The comments made this sound promising, so I jumped in.  I decided to use a new Zoya (Kirtridge, which I was going to pull double duty and use this as the swatch for that color... but it wasn't meant to be!) and KBShimmer Clearly On Top.  This is what the mani looks like:

Y'all see those bubbles, right?   I'm hoping that they were because I am very impatient and couldn't wait the full wait time.  It takes 14 minutes of wait time (not counting after topcoat!) to do each hand.  Crazy.  I can't sit still that long.  So, if any of you have done this and know for sure what I did wrong, let me know!  Otherwise, I plan on keeping this mani on for ten days.  I will take more pics Friday, or before if I have major issues, then every two days after.  I'll keep you updated! 


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