July 22, 2014

Rainbow Honey Summer Mixtape - Swatches and Review!

 Press Sample

Good morning, lovelies!  I got these a little late, so I meant to get this posted yesterday, but since there were some shitty things going on in the blogging world, I totally skipped being responsible and joined in on Marathon Monday.  I didn't drink sun-up to sun-up (really?  Who is awake to do that?), but I enjoyed a large glass of mojitos.  Inspired, of course, by getting a reply tweet from possibly the most gorgeous (but married.  Boo), man on the planet.

The polishes I was sent of the Mixtape Collection by Rainbow Honey were Control, Fall in Love, and Elevate.  I love that these were inspired by those summer songs you just had to make a tape of to have with you all the time!  Speaking of, do you guys remember sitting at the radio with your hand on the play/record buttons waiting for your favorite song?  I do!  So glad that time in history is done with!  So, let's see some polish!!!!!!

in lightbox
natural lighting 
lightbox macro 

Control is a neon pink with blue and gold glass flecks.  I just absolutely love this polish!  You may be a tad confused by the pictures, though.  This polish does change quite a bit with different lighting, which could possibly be attributed to the gold it contains. I won't say it's duo chrome or anything like that, but in artificial lighting it can take on the orange tinge that can be associated with neon pink pigments.  That aside, I still love this polish.  I used three coats here to even it out.  The formula was a little thick, and I added some thinner for future applications.  

Fall In Love is a little deceiving.  The description calls it a crimson with blue glass flecks.  I call it pink.  Fuchsia.  Something that isn't crimson!  It definitely does lean red, but I feel like it is for sure still a pink.  The formula on this is described as a jelly, but I'm going to call it a crelly.  It has a squishy texture that I adore, but it is a little too pigmented for pond/sandwich/syrup manis.  

 over Control
over Fall in Love

Finally is Elevate.  This is such a fun glitter!  It contains pink circles and hexes; blue, white and orange hexes; green and yellow circles; and white TRIANGLES!  This is the first topper I've seen with triangles in it, though there are many more popping up!  I love all the shapes that are coming out!  This also has a blue shimmer in it.  This applied like a chunky glitter, I had to dab it on.  However, I got a good variety of shapes without having to dig too much.  

As usual, I am very impressed with the offerings I was sent!  I'm really hoping I can check out the rest of the collection!  

Until 8/31/14 use the code MIXTAPE20 for 20% off your order at rainbowhoney.com!

For all other information, Rainbow Honey can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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 *polishes sent for review.  full details can be found on the disclaimer page of this blog


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