June 21, 2011

FOTM: China Glaze TMI

Hey everyone!  I am going to apologize in advance for these last five holo posts.  We've had nothing but rain the past two weeks, and lots of clouds between storms so I don't have any really good pictures.  They're painted really messy because we actually have a little sun today, but there are lots of clouds so I had to shoot them fast!  So please, bear with me.  :)

Today I'm showing you ChG TMI.  This is another incredible holo from the OMG collection.  It is a very feminine pinkish red.  It covers really well with two coats, great formula, nothing to complain about!

Usually the holo is much stronger.  Cloudy :(

I am disappointed that I didn't get all these shot back at the beginning of the month like I meant to.  I knew that if I didn't then rain would ruin it.  Usually the holo is much stronger on this polish and it's just beautiful.  This is how it looks in partial sun though.  Still pretty, but not quite what I wanted to show you!  This is all I have for today! 

Thanks for looking guys!

PS: I keep forgetting to add a reminder!  lol  Vote in my poll for next month's FOTM! 


  1. I LOVE this polish! Its so awesome :)

  2. I love this entire collection. I wish I had the last four!

  3. So pretty! I don't have any of the CG holos but I finally got my Nfu-Oh ones! I may need to start collecting the OMG's now too!

  4. I like it!
    Sorry you haven't had sun, but the picture's still good! :)

  5. Oh so pretty! I wish I had some of these holos.


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