June 22, 2011

Pink Wednesdays

Hey everyone!  You may have noticed my side-bar in the last week... but if you haven't... I joined Pink Wednesdays!  I'm so excited.  I am such a pink girl!  I also love Mean Girls like no one's business.  

For my first week I tried something totally new.  Newspaper mani!  I hate hate hate white, and the only white I have is Pure Ice anyway so it would have been to stark so I used OPI Steady as She Rose.  I figured that it would not only provide a softer background, but maybe it would give kind of an oldish look too.  I didn't take pictures of my process, but I don't think you'll need them.  It's pretty simple.  Let's take a look before I tell you how I did it though!

Ignore the mess :(  I cleaned them in the morning.
We left early for a bday party so I didn't get more pictures!
Doesn't that look really good?  The original instructions say to let your polish dry, dip your nail in alcohol then put the paper on top for about 10 seconds.  The method that worked best for me though is to paint base, let dry.  Wet nails with alcohol, add paper, then cover the paper with an alcohol pad (or cotton pad soaked in alcohol) and hold tightly for 30 seconds.  This gives the clearest print.  It's so easy!  I love love love this mani!  What do you guys think?  Don't forget to vote in my poll!  

Oh, and what do you think of my new camera setting?  I've been playing around with a bunch of them.  I think this one looks the best.  Is it just me or are the pictures a lot better?  Let me know! 

Thanks for looking!


  1. @Lacquered Lover

    It really is super easy! I deff recommend using an alcohol pad though. If you don't you can't leave the paper on long enough to get the super dark print. The alcohol will dry and the paper will stick! If you use the pad, it will keep the paper wet so you can leave it on longer. I love how this turned out :)

  2. hi kate. it's me, kate LOL.

    so that's why! another blogger friend has pink wednesday for her title. lemme look deeper into that and i will join too. lol.


  3. @nails by kate vergara

    If you click on the badge I have on my sidebar it will take you to the official site. There you can sign up and they'll link to you and you can grab a badge and stuff. :)

  4. Wow thats awesome! I need to try this!

  5. i recently saw a tutorial on this...i really want to try this! seems easy enough! thanks for the cotton ball tip!



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