June 23, 2011

FOTM: China Glaze TTYL

Hi everyone!  On my last post I explained a little bit about why these pictures kind of suck.  I had to do all these really fast (hence the no clean up) and at one time to ensure that I had a little bit of sun.  They aren't bad, but they aren't great, SORRY!

Showing today is ChG TTYL.  It is a I-don't-know-how-to-describe pinkish color, that kind of looks like it has tan mixed in it.  I'm not great with color names.  Maybe someone can help me out or send me a chart or something?  lol

Again, cloudy so not as strong as usual.

I'm really bummed that I couldn't get this photographed correctly.  How pretty is that though?  It's the closest to nude I usually get, with the exception of FYI, which will be my next holo post.  

I set a poll up in the sidebar to let you decide which finish I should choose for July.  I'm thinking glass flecks, but I want to know what you think! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow!! Pink holographic so pretty! I think it is photographed fabulously. captures the colours great:D

  2. I could see the holo fine. It's lovely! I empathise about the rushing, especially if it's a mostly cloudy day and you're trying to take the photo during one tiny window of opportunity when the sun is shining. :)

  3. wow! i dont like holos but i think this one is gonna make me change my mind. woot woot!

  4. Pretty! I'd call this one a dusty pink holo! So jealous you have parts of that collection!

  5. @WitoxicityI know! Here in the midwest it's been nothing but rain for the past several weeks! When it's not raining it's still cloudy and nasty. I should have done some today but I was really sick. AND it's supposed to start raining again tonight!
    @nails by kate vergara
    I think you would like the more nudish ones? TMI is pretty amazing like that :)


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