June 24, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Crystal!

Hey everyone!  I have today the shade I have been lemming for since it came out.  Crystal!  As much as I love this color, I had major problems with it.  I'll go ahead and show you the pictures, and maybe you can see what I mean.

Do you see what I'm talking about?  What's with that shrinkage?  It isn't even dry yet!  It isn't SV, and I know that quick dry top coats aren't supposed to work well with Zoya, but that's all I have right now.  What top coats do you use with them?  Besides color lock... :)  

Second, MAJOR bubbles.  More than likely my fault, but still so annoying.  I just got this in the mail and I HAD to try it... and freaking bubbles.  WTH?!?  Grr.  lol  I'm not going to give up on Crystal, or Zoya.  I just need some help!   Please give me some suggestions, I would hate to not be able to wear this!  

Thanks for reading guys! 

UPDATE:  I bought a new top coat that I will be trying with these sometime soon.  I hope it works! PS Vote for next months FOTM! Thanks everyone :)

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  1. it looks like foil. really nice color though. i hope u find a great top coat for it. i use one thats only bought locally. from elena, environmental polishes :)

  2. I've found that wrapping your tips with topcoat when using Zoyas usually helps avoid shrinkage! :]

  3. I love that blue! Sorry you had so many problems!

  4. Crystal is so pretty! I love Zoyas- so pretty!

  5. Some days I just blame invisible gremlins for my nail polish troubles. :)

  6. @Sarah
    I wrap the tips! I looked on ALU and she said there's a chemical in most fast drying polishes that makes it shrink on some people so I searched the internet for one without it and found it at Sally's. I'll be trying again soon!
    That sounds PERFECT! That probably is the truth!
    @Olivia C.
    Isn't it great?! I've wanted it for AGES!


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