June 07, 2011

FOTM: Hologram vs Worth The Risque

Hey everyone!  Today I have for you ChG's Hologram vs Color Club Worth the Risque.  I am really sad that I couldn't swatch OMG with Hologram because... well... I don't really like WtR.  I'm not a huge fan of silver and this has hardly any holo in it.  Far less than the other CC ones I have.  Oh well.  I haven't been able to find OMG cheap enough to buy, and I don't know anyone who has it.  Even if I did, I don't know anyone crazy enough to give it away!  On to the pictures!

See how boring it is? Hologram

This one isn't that pretty either.  WtR

A little better.. but not much.  It is more interesting though.

See any colors yet?

See? This one isn't that great... but good enough! 

The formula on Hologram was similar to Laser Lime.  Thin and watery.  Again, could be fixed with a base coat, but three coats are still needed.  I was hoping that one of these would quell my lemming for the Nfu Ohs or OMG... but I was wrong.  They aren't even in the same ballpark in my opinion! One of these days...................  lol  Thanks for looking!


  1. I so wish I'd grabbed all the OMG collection when they were still reasonably priced. I got a few of them but just didn't forsee that we'd have such a problem getting decent holos in future so figured I could pick up other colors/brands later.

  2. I had NO clue that there even was such a thing! I just got lucky that most of them were in stock at victoria nail supply! It's never happened again!

  3. I wish I had OMG! It's definitely on my list of polishes I want! I like my bottle of Worth The Risque, although I tend to use it more as an accent or under a black crackle. It makes it look more holographic under the black for some reason! I do have Nfu-Oh 61 although haven't swatched it yet since I dont' have their Aqua base!

    I will say that my favorite holographic that I currently own would be OPI DS Sapphire. It's blue and sparkly and amazing! I plan on swatching it soon!

    Also just want to say I love your blog and added you to my blogroll on my blog!

  4. Thanks so much!

    I am trying really really hard not to bust my Nfu-Oh cherry... I'm really afraid that I'll be broke the rest of my life if I do!

    I have Sapphire in my Amazon cart right now :)

  5. I have the Nfu-Oh 61 and 3 of the flakies which are to die for. Once I dropped 20 bucks on a nail polish from Deborah Lippmann, the Nfu-Oh didn't seem as bad! Their stuff is so great, I love it! I will be sure to swatch some of my flakies soon and put it up on my blog, they are so unique!


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